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Recorded September 2021 at GuitarFest at Stubbs Amphitheater in Centerville Ohio. Live sound, recording and mixing by John Hughes at Hughes Digital.

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Started by Jim McCutcheon, known in the area as the Guitar Man (and my old college professor!) the GuitarFest has been going on for over 30 years.  I was honored to perform!  I took the opportunity to play both my acoustic Taylor guitar and my electric Carvin guitar.  I used my pedal board shown in the cover art.  I run both my guitars through my Boss RC-30 loop station so I can create layers to the songs and sing harmonies with's a dream come true, haha!  I featured a new song in my set called "Tell Me What I Want to Hear". I will be releasing a studio recording of that song later this year and I can't wait for you to hear how it evolved.  


Give Up the Ghost. I record one percussive track and then one droning E chord track.  I love manipulating the dynamics of the song by cutting the different tracks in and out.  You can especially hear it at the end of the solo.

Tell Me What I Want to Hear. I lay down a "drum" loop hitting the side of my palm against my acoustic guitar and then beat boxing a hi hat sound into my microphone.  Then I switch to my electric guitar with some dreamy delay for the rhythm and solo. I love soloing to this loop!

Tiny Little Table. I use my electric to create a bass and percussive track and then layer on the melodic upper string loops on the second track.  This is the first song I ever wrote a harmony part to and you can hear that come in at the bridge.  I think it really heightens the final chorus.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the little "live" music break!