Peach's Open Mic

PLEASE READ: If you are already scheduled to perform you must wait until after your performance to sign up for a future slot. Open mic starts at 8 pm. 15 minute slots.

Dec 12th

1 - Nkosi

2 - Cigar Box Scott

3 - Mike Bankhead

4 - Lizzy Mcquad

5 - JJust Us

6 - Matthew Cary

7 - Deno Brandon

8 - Gene Erbacher

9 - Lee

10 - 

Dec 19th

1 - Fish

2 - Jackie and Mike

3 - Andy Holquist

4 - Willy n Deb

5 - Tracy Perkins

6 - Halfway

7 - Bettina Solas


9 - Rob Heiliger

10 - Kyleen

Open Mic will be taking a holiday on Dec 26th and Jan 2nd. See you in 2024!

Peach's Open Mic every Tuesday at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs, Ohio starting at 8 pm.

Hi! Welcome to the Peach's Open Mic sign up board.  Please submit this form to sign up to perform. 

The schedule will be updated daily.  Confirm your time by checking this page.  

  • Slots are 15 minutes, which averages 3 - 4 songs.
  • If you prefer, bring your own microphone. 
  • During winter, inclement weather may cancel open mic, please check Peach's Facebook page or call (937) 767-4850 to confirm.

We always ask that you respect your fellow musicians by being prepared to perform at your scheduled slot and not playing over your time.  Keep in mind that includes setting up and packing up your gear.

Check out the Peach's Open Mic YouTube Channel where we live stream the night! (You can request to have your set paused if you don't wish to be recorded.)